Waste Treatment



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Waste treatment is a biological system. The process uses microbes to mineralize the complex organic molecules in sewage and prepare incoming water for return to the environment. However, often this process can become unbalanced. Sometimes the bacteria naturally present in sewage aren't effective enough; sometimes unwanted bacteria begin acting on the waste. Attempted remedies employing the introduction of foreign chemicals are rife with environmental concerns: waste treament is fundamentally a biological process. That's where ENSPOR products enter into the process. ENSPOR uses incredibly effective microbes to eliminate waste treatment problems and restore sewage systems to a natural balance. In addition, Acorn knows waste treatment and can help you provide a total microbial solution to your customers by adjusting usage, dosage, and other variables to fine tune the application of ENSPOR products to each individual waste treatment problem.

Following are some of the waste treatment problems that can be treated with ENSPOR products:
  • Odor-causing chemicals (hydrogen sulfide, etc.)
  • Poor BOD/COD removal
  • Filamentous buildup
  • Water retention
  • Suspended soilds
  • Residual & aggregate grease
  • Anaerobic gridlock

All of these problems are may be treated by any of the following products: