Waste Treatment



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Dealing with industrial waste is expensive. There are cleanup, handling, disposal, discharge, and political & governmental costs. Acorn ENSPOR products mitigate the costs associated with industrial waste by naturally degrading wastes with super-efficient bacteria. Bacteria are nature's nanomachines, dismantling industrial waste into its harmless and environmentally acceptable components, instead of simply carrying it off, as solvents do. Additionally, mineralizing wastes microbialy eliminates the attendant environmental problems of chemical remediation—for example, many solvents used to carry off troublesome hydrocarbons are more environmentally dangerous and raise more bureaucratic red flags than the waste they dissolve. The bacteria Acorn uses are hardy cultures, resistant to many chemicals typically found in industrial waste, which are toxic to naturally-occurring strains; and the bacteria in ENSPOR are more effective in breaking down wastes than the bacteria already present in the soil. Acorn will help you tweak the formulation and application of our ENSPOR products for each of your customers, depending on the concentration, quantity, contents, etc., of the waste to be degraded.

Following are some of the industrial waste problems that ENSPOR products solve:

  • Bacteriocidal chemicals in waste
  • Odor-causing compounds (e.g., hydrogen sulfide)
  • Poor rate of natural degradation

The following ENSPOR products are useful for treating the problems mentioned above: