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Agricultural systems are plagued by problems of imbalance. Acorn bacterial products restore a natural balance to agricultural problem areas, eliminating undesirable byproducts, and magnifying wanted results. In hog and dairy waste lagoons, Acorn's ENSPOR products digest waste efficiently and prevent naturally-occurring bad actors from exploiting the waste. In decorative ponds, Acorn microbes outcompete algae for nutrients, stopping algal bloom. In the root zone, Acorn's Symbiogen forms a symbiosis witht the plant root, helping the root system—and by extension the plant itself—to grow larger and healthier. Acorn will help you apply a microbial solution to your customers' agricultural problems, adjusting our products and making treatment recommendations as necessary.

The following are some of the agricultural problems that can be treated with Acorn bacterial products:

  • Algal infestation
  • Agglomerated sludge
  • Flies
  • Odor-causing compounds (e.g., hydrogen sulfide)
  • Organic solid buildup
  • Puny plant roots

Check the information pages to find out which of the products below applies to any of the above problems: