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Acorn products are ideal for many Janitorial and Sanitation issues. Destroying grease, odor, and organic stains, the bacteria and enzymes in Acorn's products eliminate a wide range of undesirable substances. Unlike harsh cleaning chemicals, microbial and enzyme products do not degrade the pipes, counters, clothing, grout, caulk, etc. that they are used upon. Let us know what kind of janitorial or sanitation product we can make for your customers, or just tell us what the application is, and we can formulate one for you.

Below are listed some janitorial/sanitation problems that Acorn products can solve:

  • Grease
  • Odor-causing compounds (e.g., hydrogen sulfide)
  • Slippery floors
  • Stuck drains
  • Organic stains
  • Urine, feces & blood

Check out the products listed below to see which ones apply to your customers' janitorial/sanitation needs.