The companies listed here are imaginary, but the problems and challenges they face are real. They're the same business challenges Acorn helps our real customers solve every day. So read on and learn more about Acorn's comprehensive microbial solutions.

Prometheus Chemical Corp.
Prometheus manufactures detergents and related chemical products. They needed an inexpensive, reliable source for high-quality enzymes for blending into a laundry detergent. Acorn's PALU-100 fit the bill, and helped Prometheus manufacture a laundry detergent renowned for its effectiveness at a profit-friendly cost.

Mark Reed Industries
Mark Reed runs a one-man operation selling food service cleaning products to distributors. His customers required specific formulations for their bacterial floor, drain, and grease trap cleaners. Acorn custom-blended the exact ingredients, such as culture, surfactant, fragrance, and dye, at precise ratios based on Mark's various customers' requests.

KleenBrite Systems
KleenBrite sells odor- and grease-reducing products to municipal sewage-treatment operations. All they needed was an off-the-shelf version of Acorn's ENSPOR S1 Liquid ; but they had to have Acorn make blind drop shipments with KleenBrite labels on the drums. KleenBrite required that Acorn remain totally anonymous and transparent to KleenBrite's end-users. With care and discretion, Acorn was able to secure KleenBrite's place in the market while supplying a great product to their customers.

BrentCo Labs
BrentCo develops waste-treatment systems for industrial pre-treatment plants, and consults on their construction. Its owner and chief engineer, Brent Fulton, asked Acorn for a biological product which was formulated to degrade industrial hydrocarbons. Together, we settled on a standard version of Acorn's ENSPOR M21 Liquid. BrentCo needed some literature to give to clients detailing its offerings in the area of microbial treatment, so Acorn created custom handouts fitted with the BrentCo logo and helped them successfully integrate bacterial products into their services.

Lompoc Industrial Corp.
Lompoc is a supplier of industrial odor control chemicals. They wanted to break into the agricultural market with a product that eliminates dairy waste odor. They called Acorn, and we developed a product tailored to the requirements of dairy odor elimination, employing our large knowledge base of bacterial applications. We specified the strain of bacteria to be used, the concentration, the mix of other ingredients, the physical state, and the container shape and size. In the end Lompoc's customers were pleased by the usefulness of the products Acorn supplied.

General Biologic, Inc.
GB blends biological products with other ingredients in the manufacture of diversified products. In order to ensure the success of one of their products including Acorn bacteria, they needed some advice on how to use and apply the product to a large municipal sewage treatment plant. Acorn stepped in and provided the integrated knowledge about sewage treatment plants, bacteria, and chemical applications that it took to get the most out of GB's biological product.
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