On this page are displayed some of the ways in which Acorn is working to make products and solutions designed to meet the needs of its current customers. We’ve got plenty of room for you and your product lineup, as well. Just follow the steps laid out here to see the customization and care we offer our business partners.

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The Acorn Difference



1. The stuff we make:
  • Microbial products with and without enzymes
  • Stabilized enzyme additives
  • Chemical specialty products with biological additives
  • It’s all certified free of E. coli and Salmonella.

2. The markets we’re making it for

  • Sewage treatment plants and lift stations
  • Septic tanks and leach fields
  • Food service floors, plumbing, and grease traps
  • Laundry detergents
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Industrial waste treatment
  • Industrial odor control
  • Bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons
  • Pond maintenance
  • Agricultural waste treatment
  • Plant growth
  • Custom (Your product here)

3. The physical states of our products

  • Liquid
  • Powder
  • Block
  • Cell paste
  • Emulsion slurry
  • Crystal

4. Further customize your product

  • Custom microbial strains
  • Custom preservative systems
  • Custom chemical specialty products

5. Slap your own label on it

  • Customer chooses his own product name
  • We will customize our B&W labels and MSDS with customer’s business info.
  • Usage copy on labels customized according to market
  • Drop shipping

6. Technical support

  • Site inspection
  • Advice on projected waste treatment operations
  • Testing coordination & evaluation
  • Aeration engineering
  • and more...

We have used organisms from many sources to develop our products. Sometimes when an organism with an enzyme system or other useful property is available in the public domain, Acorn obtains a pure culture of that microbe from a recognized culture collection (e.g., American Type Culture Collection). After checking it for purity, we preserve it by a proprietary process which allows the cells to remain stable for years without the damaging effects of freeze-drying. The organism is then ready to be revived at a moment’s notice for plant production. Many times organisms present in nature offer a better prospect of meeting the needs of a particular process. Acorn searches out those organisms which have potential for use in waste treatment and horticulture by using special enrichment culture techniques. After evaluating the performance of a new microbe, we preserve it and place it in our collection. Thus we have at our disposal a large group of organisms analyzed for novel industrial and agricultural uses.
ENSPOR S1 Liquid

ENSPOR Multicell

ENSPOR Crystal


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