Biologicals. (n.)
A group of products which depend largely upon the capabilities of microorganisms for their activity.
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The Acorn Difference



We grow bacteria. Somebody has to do it. We’ve got a 25-year heritage in being that somebody. But that’s not all we do. We also formulate biologicals. We assist with technical literature. We provide sales and product-usage support. How can we do all that? It’s because we understand more than just the microbes; we understand the environments and engineering in which they’re used. We employ that knowledge to combine bacteria and enzymes with chemicals and packaging that take full advantage of the capabilities of our bugs.

.....But that’s not the whole story, either. You see, it’s not simply that we make a product and say we’ll support it. Lots of outfits do that. Rather, our goal is to get to know you, to understand the markets you’re in—and the ones you want to be in. Specifically, we strive to form working business relationships—partnerships if you will—based on mutual benefit and allied aims. We seek out these partnerships with people and companies with whom we can build a bond of cooperation and mutual trust, so that we can constructively do business.

.....Why do we need partners? Because market realities are not our chief area of expertise: we are primarily a company informed and driven by technology. That’s why we need our customers. We supply a rich storehouse of technically superior products and the know-how to back them up. We then work with you to develop effective, market-driven products that allow you to grow your business. We help you create added value and differentiate your products to create a market niche, protecting you from profit-eating commoditization. And, of course, we will continue to work on tweaking and perfecting the products we sell you until, together, we get it just right. We draw upon a wide-ranging background which includes experience in sewage treatment, detergents, janitorial supply, and agriculture, to invent and recommend products, prescribe their use, and advise you and your customers in creating comprehensive microbial solutions.

.....Then again, you may just be looking for an off-the-shelf product for private label. If that’s the case, you should know that we also make a line of biologicals with set formulations. And if a product straight from our standard line is what you need, you can be sure that it is made with the same relentlessly high quality and devoted support we mentioned above.

.....As you read the rest of our site, you may see an Acorn product which catches your eye. Or you may have a market in mind that would help you grow your business if you could only get a product to help exploit that potential. Perhaps you just have a few questions, comments, or vague, irrational threats. Whatever the reason, feel free to call, write, fax, email, personally visit, or otherwise contact us any time. We love talking about this stuff. Let us grow it for you; you’ll grow, too.

At Acorn, we produce our culture material by submerged (deep-tank) fermentation under aseptic conditions. Major drug companies use this same process for antibiotic fermentation because it produces pure, clean cultures. Many other culture manufacturers do not operate their production processes aseptically. When the wanted organism is grown, many other organisms grow along with it. Some of these unwanted organisms are harmless. Others, however, may be positively harmful or dangerous. And products grown in a non-sterile environment often vary widely in content from fermentation to fermentation. One batch may be good but another terrible.

The submerged fermentation method allows Acorn to produce high potency products under rigid control. It is a far more expensive procedure than is used to produce many competing products. However, when we specify that a product contains a certain number of a particular organism you can be sure it meets exactly those standards. Acorn plate counts never include adventitious organisms. And our products are certified free of both Salmonella and E. coli.

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