Like all Acorn ENSPOR products, ENSPOR S1 Liquid contains a mixture of bacterial spores, enzymes, and other important ingredients. As a liquid, it is a preserved broth of spores, enzymes, and growth medium. S1 is different from other ENSPOR liquids in that it comprises a single strain of microbe.

ENSPOR S1 Liquid is a pure, super-concentrated culture of bacilli preserved as a stable product. The ENSPOR Liquid organisms produce enzymes which reduce the content of fat, starch, protein, and cellulose in wastes.

With minimal changes to its formula, ENSPOR is applicable to myriad uses in:

  • sewage treatment
  • industrial waste treatment
  • janitorial/sanitation
  • agricultural waste treatment

That's because the bacteria contained in ENSPOR S1 Liquid are active in consuming and mineralizing almost any hydrocarbon waste. And because they are resistant to extreme conditions, thay may be effectively applied into some circumstances which can kill the naturally-occurring bacteria.

Of course, we'll also create a custom product for you based on ENSPOR S1 Liquid. We do this to make the product more effective in it's target application, differentiate your product from competitors, and to make the product easier to market.

Typical Properties

Color: Brown

Clarity: Turbid

Plate count: At least 1 billion CFU/mL (3.8 trillion/gal.)

Shelf life: At least one year in unopened container

pH: 9.2

Storage temperature: >0°—70°C (>32°—160°F)

Effective pH range: 5.5—8.5

Effective temperature: 12°—45°C (54°—113°F)

Flash point: None

Specific gravity: 1.01—1.02

Odor: Mild typical

Standard Packaging

330-gal. bulk totes

55- & 30-gal. drums

5-gal. pails

1-gal. bottles, 4 per case

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