Prespotter 03 is an enzyme cleaner that destroys odor and stains and allows the residue to be removed. It can be used for the removal of fecal and urine odor, general pet body odor, skunk odor, and rotted food odors. Stains from grass, feces, urine, and many food stains can be removed with Prespotter 03.

Formulated with PALU (Acorn's enzyme extract) and surfactant, among other ingredients, Prespotter 03 is a high-powered cleaner capable of eliminating stains and odors in a variety of applications including:

  • janitorial/sanitation

Commonly, Prespotter 03 is used as a laundry or carpet prespotting agent; however, we will adapt it for you to other markets and applications.

Typical Properties

Color: Off-white

Clarity: Clear

Enzymes: Protease, Amylase, Lipase, Urease

Shelf life: At least one year in unopened container

pH: 8.3

Storage temperature: >0°C—40°C (>32°F—104°F)

Effective pH range: 6.5—10.5

Effective temperature: 20°—50°C (68°—122°F)

Flash point: >140°F

Specific gravity: 1.015

Odor: light fragrant

Standard Packaging

330-gallon bulk totes
55-gallon drums
5-gallon pails

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