PALU is an enzyme mixture from a fermentation which has been optimzed for the production of lipase. None of the other enzymes has been removed during the extraction process. The PALU mixture possesses characteristics which make it unique and valuable in the formulation of cleaning preparations.

Added to detergents and other cleaning compounds, PALU provides enzyme breakdown of hydrocarbons and other chemicals commonly present in wastes. PALU is primarily effective when applied in the area of:

  • janitorial/sanitation

Of course, we'll also create a custom product for you based on PALU. We do this to make the product more effective in it's target application, differentiate your product from competitors, and to make the product easier to market.

Typical Properties

Color: Brown

Clarity: Clear

Enzymes: Protease (standardized to 1700 Azocoll units), Amylase, Lipase, Urease

Shelf life: At least one year in unopened container

pH: 8.3

Storage temperature: >0°C—40°C (>32°F—104°F)

Effective pH range: 6.5—10.5

Effective temperature: 20°—50°C (68°—122°F)

Flash point: None

Specific gravity: 1.088

Odor: Mild, slightly pungent

Standard Packaging

450- & 275-lb. drums
45-lb. pails

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