ENSPOR Options are blended products containing ENSPOR Liquids as ingredients. We add surfactants, dyes, fragrances, and other ingredients to create products for niche markets. Following are the ENSPOR Options we currently offer:
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ENSPOR GS is preparation of Acorn's ENSPOR Liquid bacteria with fragrance added. It also contains just enough surfactant to hold the fragrance in solution. We've made ENSPOR GS for use in applications where the power of bacteria is needed, but scent is also important. Please note that the concentration of spores in ENSPOR GS is a little lower than in ENSPOR S1 or M21 Liquids.

ENSPOR FC is a concentrated detergent especially formulated for cleaning floors. It is free rinsing and produces a slip-free surface. The enzymes in ENSPOR FC aid in the removal of surface soils, then the bacterial cultures are activated by dilution water to keep drains free running and maintain the grease trap.