Like all Acorn ENSPOR products, ENSPOR Block II contains a mixture of bacterial spores, enzymes, and other important ingredients. As a solid, it is a dried, blended mixture of microbial spores, enzymes, growth medium, fragrance, and dye.

ENSPOR Block II is a concentrated, commercially pure culture of bacilli dispersed in a block of organic base. It will dissolve gradually in lift stations and grease traps. Storage in high-moisture environments will not affect the viability of the organisms or enable growth of contaminants.

With minimal changes to its formula, ENSPOR Block II is applicable to uses in lift stations and grease traps, primarily in:

  • sewage treatment
  • janitorial/sanitation

That's because the bacteria contained in ENSPOR Block II are active in consuming and mineralizing almost any hydrocarbon waste. And because they are resistant to extreme conditions, thay may be effectively applied into some circumstances which can kill the naturally-occurring bacteria.

Of course, we'll also create a custom product for you based on ENSPOR Block II. We do this to make the product more effective in it's target application, differentiate your product from competitors, and to make the product easier to market.

Typical Properties

Color: Light Blue

Plate count: At least 1.2 billion CFU/g (545 billion/lb.)

Shelf life: At least one year in unopened container

pH of a 1% solution: ~7.5

Storage temperature: 5°—45°C (41°—115°F)
do not allow to freeze

Effective pH range: 5.5—8.0

Effective temperature: 12°—45°C (54°—113°F)

Flash point: None

Bulk density: 1.3g/cm3 (81 lb./cu. ft.)

Odor: Wintergreen

Standard Packaging

8-lb. blocks, 4 per case
5-lb. blocks, 4 per case
2-lb. blocks, 6 per case

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